The orchestra

The Youth Symphony Orchestra Bremen was founded in April 1980 and since then led by Heiner Buhlmann, until June 2012. Starting off with 13 members, the orchestra today counts about 90 young and enthusiastic musicians and enjoys high reputation in the cultural life of Bremen.

Among of course symphonic concerts, the orchestra has played a broad variety of concerts. For example, concerts for children but also in town halls as well as concerts in cooperation with choirs from Bremen or the Bremen Philharmonics. Besides that, the orchestra hosts the "International Youth Symphony Orchestra Bremen" since 1999, an annual project with round 190 musicians from 21 countries. Another highlight is the open-air concert "Musik und Licht am Hollersee", that takes place since 25 years, viewed by an audience of about 22.000 people. Over the years, numerous radio/television recordings and premieres have been played as well.

The main intention of the orchestra's work is the development of symphonic programs and encouragement of young talents. With an incredible engagement and a high effort of time, the young musicians play together to bring their projects forward. In the orchestra, numerous awardees of the German "Jugend musiziert" contest can be found. Former members have even made it to renowned orchestras in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn, Leipzig and Brandenburg.

Invitations enabled the orchestra to play concerts in the Vatican (Mass in the Presence of the Pope, 1986), in Barcelona, Haifa, Glasgow and Venice. Other tourneys brought the musicians to Norway, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Austria, Scotland and Turkey. One more tourney to the baltic states is planned for 2016.

Since July 2012 the orchestra is led by Martin Lentz.